Strategic Teaching: A Proposition

Next academic year, I will be managing and directing a full lecture and seminar series to students in the School of Design across five different postgraduate programmes, which will comprise circa. 200 students. In terms of developing a strategy, utilising blended learning will be a clear development for this series in order to deepen the learning experience for the students, both before and after each week’s session.

One way in which I can use online resources is to develop a tumblr of media resources including texts, images, videos, archives and links, which is updated after each class with material relevant to that week’s topic. This resource would enable students to explore each week’s topic in greater depth through a variety of different media.

Another strategic development for this series is aimed at getting creative practitioner students to write more frequently and to receive more feedback on their work. Using the electronic portfolio facility, students will be asked to write 500 word pieces after every third lecture, to be posted and shared and posted on their ePortfolios. These writings will then be peer reviewed.

The briefs for these writing exercises will build on the series’ topics but make links towards students’ potential dissertation projects, to help them develop out ideas from the series into their own work. In choosing this strategy, I am aiming for students to achieve the fifth level of the Structure of the Observed Learning Outcome (SOLO) taxonomy of learning, Extended Abstraction, whereby they gain abstract and deep understanding through unexpected extension, to enable them to create, formulate, generate, hypothesise, reflect and theorise (Biggs & Collis 1982).


Biggs, J. B. and Collis, K. (1982) Evaluating the Quality of Learning: the SOLO taxonomy. New York, Academic Press.


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